Top Dollar Rock and Blues
No Short Change - No Dodgy Notes!

Bad Pennies are a raw, unadulterated
blues rock band 
original material and a selection of covers 
paying tribute to some of the finest 
blues rockers of the 70’s and 80’s: 
Rory Gallagher, Stevie Ray, 
Dr Feelgood, ZZ Top 
and a whole lot more.
It all began in the dim and distant 90’s when two Bad Pennies from 
London turned up on the Medway Delta and put together the original band. 
After many years, hundreds of gigs and more than a few changes in 
line-up, the band started 2016 on a new course.

The Broadstairs Blues Bash in February was a one-off special with the fabulous Stevie Smith putting in a guest appearance on vocals and harmonica. A fine gig was had by all - but it was only ever to be a one-off.

With a new singer on board, the band got down to work from April. 
Picking the best of the old set as a starting point, the band shifted gear
and performances were getting better at every gig. 
Audiences old and new responded very well to the changes. 

Original material was introduced into the set in June then in July the band went into Ranscombe Studios to record - probably their last covers and first originals. More originals are being worked on and will get phased into the live set during the autumn then further recording is planned...
Followed by an all-original Bad Pennies EP in the near future.

In the meantime, the July recording has been getting some good airplay on UK Blues Radio. Many shows are available on “listen again” but for the full experience, go to a gig! Check the gigs page to find a show near you.
If there aren’t any gigs near you, put us in touch with your favourite venue and we’ll see what we can do about that.... or get in the car and drive!

Available for gigs in Pubs & Clubs, Rallies, Open-Air Events and Private Parties around Kent, London and beyond....